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Premier A Grade Ceiling and Wall Insulation

Premier A Grade Insulation is made from the world's most popular insulation material, glass wool, which is non-combustible and sustainable. The glass wool is made up of 70-80% recycled glass and contains sand, soda ash, borax and limestone with the final component - resin - being the agent that binds everything together. Premier A Grade Insulation is BRANZ appraised.


NOVAtherm Ceiling and Underfloor Insulation

NOVAtherm ceiling, and underfloor insulation is made of polyester, the material that is used in most pillows. Ours is a unique mix of premium polyester, including hollow conjugate fibre (high-tech fibre used in quality sleeping bags and extreme outdoor clothing) as well as recycled fibre made from recycled plastic bottles. Polyester is safe and healthy to handle and work with. It is appraised by BRANZ and fully complies with the New Zealand Building Code.  Novatherm is designed and made in New Zealand.



Other products supplied

Polythene Moisture Barriers,